Custom Stuff 2 Wiki Content

Sections with an asterisk(*) next to them are pages/sections that still need updated to Custom Stuff 2. Feel free to update/add the pages if you have experience with the content. Even just adding basic information to the pages will help the wiki get updated faster.

Examples (CS2)

Released Projects (CS2)



World Generation


Smelting Recipes


GUIs *

Tile Entities *

Ore Dictionary


  • ScriptableConfig *
  • ScriptableEntity *
  • ScriptableEntityItem *
  • ScriptableEntityLiving *
  • ScriptableEntityPlayer *
  • ScriptableItemStack *
  • ScriptableMod *
  • ScriptablePosition *
  • ScriptableWorld *

Generated Variables

  • position
  • side
  • tickCount
  • slotId
  • isCurrentItem
  • redstoneSignal
  • result


Custom Stuff 1 Wiki Content

Content in the section was hidden to avoid confusion for new users. If you are using custom stuff for 1.2.5 or below, please press "Show" to view the CS1 list.


  1. 1.0 1.1

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