Obsidian walls

Now your indestructible bunker can have indestructible walls too!

The wall type functions much like the cobblestone wall in vanilla Minecraft, in which it attempts to connect to any nearby blocks. Because walls automatically connect to nearby blocks, they don't need to store this behavior in the save files. As a result, they're one of the various types of blocks that can use Damage Values for variants. It's important to note that when making a texture for the wall, it will always be in the shape of the default cobblestone wall.

Obsidian Wall(CS2 0.9.10)


name = "wall";
id = 475;
material = "iron";
stepSound = "stone";
creativeTab = "decorations";
displayName[0] = "Obsidian Wall";
hardness[0] = 10;
resistance[0] = 20;
toolClass[0] = "pickaxe";
harvestLevel[0] = 3;
textureFileXP[0] = "obsidian";
textureFileXN[0] = "obsidian";
textureFileYP[0] = "obsidian";
textureFileYN[0] = "obsidian";
textureFileZP[0] = "obsidian";
textureFileZN[0] = "obsidian";
addToCreative[0] = true;


mod.addBlock("wall.js", "wall");

Wall Block Attributes

Required Attributes

Optional Attributes

textureFile and textureIndex
In CS2 versions for 1.4.7 and below, CS2 0.9.9 or below, textureFile was used to specify the texture sheet and textureIndex was used for identifying the specific icon within the texture sheet. If using CS2 0.9.9 or lower, make sure to use both of these attributes.

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