Hello, I am a new guy!

I'm a young and eager game designer in the Beta phase. I build video games, write stories, and I work on game design with board/card/whatever games. As I have taken a liking to the Customstuff mod I will try to post helpful stuff on this wiki every now and then, and update my user blog with anything cool that happens. While I try to stay on subject, I have a wandering mind and may post about things that have nothing to do with anything any normal person will ever be intrested in. So I'll just go ahead and assume that anyone who is devoted enough a gamer to read this stuff is outside of the average, and get on with it.

Thanks in advance for dealing with my annoying little quirks, sorry in advance to the people I am going to annoy, hello in advance to all the cool people I am going to meet. Anyone out there who believes he/she may be one of those cool people please have a chat with me, I'd be intrested in meeting you.

Live long and prosper,

-- Thewizardguy

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