It's true!

I've just been busy the past long has it been?

In any sense, I'm back, and continuing my work on JAB Adds. Almost have an alpha release ready, just need to know a few things.

I'm not sure about including these blocks in the full release. Opinions?

  • The Compressor - Essentially a crafting table for condensing down items into their storage-block forms. Including this block means also removing the ability to craft 9 Coal/Iron/Diamonds into a Coal/Iron/Diamond block. This cooperate well with the fact that the Mallet is necessary to uncraft these blocks.
  • The Crucible - A custom furnace that allows the user to recycle their metals by smelting down items/blocks like rails, buckets, minecart, etc.. If included, the current smelting recipe for Steel would be changed to require the use of this block.
    • Also, if I do include the crucible, should I make there be a loss in the recycling of metals? 

Next up on things to be figured out: Items left after crafting.

The Pestle&Mortar and Mallet are supposed to be limited to 64 uses, however, when I set them to be container items, they don't take damage. 

Removing the [containerItem] and [leaveContainerItem] tags makes them get used in the recipe and vanish.

Anyone know of a way to get these working the way they're supposed to?

Other than that, I just need (well, not need) to figure out how to make a solid 1mx1m block to act like it's a ladder (for my personal CSMod).

Will update the JA page soon.

(also here's a couple of interesting bits i came across while making the crucible:

  • making a block change ids from a normal type block to a furnace type block with [canFaceSides] set to true makes the block only use the sides texture.
  • changing the furnace block to have [canFaceSides] set to false and [canFaceTop] to true makes the blocks render oddly when in an inventory.
  • a normal block changing into the block above will have it's front(top) and back(bottom) textures mixed.
  • for some reason, the [onNeighborChange] tag refuses to notice a lava block being placed.)

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