Life is weird sometimes.

I spent all week dreaming of the weekend when I'd have free time. I thought of all the things I wanted to get done, all the projects I've wanted to work on for so long. I had it all planned out in my mind what I wanted to accomplish and when. And then when I finally got to that wonderful weekend...

I didn't feel like doing squat. :-(

Maybe it's just that I'm lazy or something, but I always feel uninspired when the weekends roll around these days. I think it's psychological. I know that next week I'm going to have to work an extra day at my paying job, so there's no point spending that energy now. I have to run a marathon in the near future, so I'm inclined to rest. The problem is, that's ALWAYS the case, so I rarely accomplish anything I want to when I actuall have the time.

I feel like I'm drowing creatively. P_P

Anyway, this is basically just my saying that I haven't yet published Splendid Stones. I have a lot of in-game building that I want to do for screenshots, and of course I have to make those animated PNGs that I make for recipes... and right now that feels like work to me. Sorry folks. :-(

If you want to download it, though, it's available HERE.

See, I'm not totally lazy. ;-)

But then again, I have been keeping the wiki up to date. It's difficult and I still have a lot that needs to get done around here. On the other hand, I've been pretty good about addressing questions and making corrections as they need done. Thankfully Flamarow has been handling some of the more technical ones. Thanks Flamarow. :-D

Well, it's 4:33 AM right now, and while that is a bit early for me to go to bed I'm going to anyway.


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