• Alvoria

    OK, so, at this point I've spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to get Custom Stuff 2 to sit down, shut up, and just make me some gosh darn blocks.

    The results are... improving.

    Yea, as I thought I'm having quite a lot of problems with this one. It's just dissimilar enough to CS1 to really throw me for a loop. The main thing that was giving me problem was the new mod.js thing. Unlike in CS1, you really have to think about how you've adding stuff in CS2.

    My problem for the last two weeks was that when I add things, I always add them one at a time and keep everything together. CS2 doesn't like this since, if a block references a block that doesn't have an ID yet (because I added it lower on the list) the mod just coughs up an erro…

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  • Alvoria

    WotW 35 - I Missed a Week.

    September 10, 2012 by Alvoria

    Yea, this blog is still updating. :p

    So I haven't been updating the wiki a lot recently. Maybe you've noticed. The main reason is that I want to give other people the opportunity to step up and show some initiative in updating. So far it hasn't gone too well. Nothing much is getting done, so I'm probably going to end up being the one the do the bulk of the updating. How sad. :(

    I admit, I haven't worked with the new Custom Stuff much. Stained Wood isn't even updated yet. I intended to make this the week I was really going to hunker down and update... but my brother's birthday was this week and I had to help someone with their computer and about the time I had a moment to myself I was just like "Screw it, I'm just going to play Minecraft for …

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  • Alvoria

    So remember a few weeks ago when I talked about taking it easy and hoped I wouldn't get lazy... guess what. :-(

    Yea, I've been really bad this week. I've played a lot of Minecraft, but I've barely touched any of my projects. I haven't worked on my texture pack, I have barely even toughed Custom Stuff 2 despite how excited I was about it. I think I'm falling into depression again. Not good.

    The problem with me and CS2 right now isn't hat it's being difficult. I think I've figured out most of the basics. The problem is that I can't really update either of my files sets, much less start a new one, because of things that are presently missing from CS2. Just little things like not being able to put empty spaces in recipes are a HUGE problem and rea…

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  • Alvoria

    So let's talk about what everyone is thinking about: Custom Stuff 2.

    I downloaded it.

    I looked at the example.

    ... 0_0

    And then my head exploded because I have no idea what I was looking at. X_X

    OK, it wasn't really that bad. Thankfully, it's still not full-on programming. That said, it's still a couple of steps up in difficulty from the last version of CS1. I'm don't really understand it, but from what I can tell there's a master file which adds everything to the game referencing the individual files that are found within the folders... all of which are in a .zip together.

    This is the kind of situation I was afraid of when CubeX2 announced the new format: I was afraid that it would get to the point where it was difficult for a normal person to …

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  • Alvoria

    "Get your life together". Curious phrase, no? I've heard it in a tousand moves and TV shows. It's always uttered when someone is in a state of mental dissarray because of whatever circumstances they're in. When their life has "fallen apart" so to speak.

    I've always found it a bit odd to say it that way though. It's not like their life isn't together... it's just a bit messy. I see a cluttered life like I see a cluttered bedroom. Put away the toys, straiten up the shelves, put the dirty shirts in the hampter, and maybe spray some febreeze on the chair. Same thing with a life... but each of the steps is a little more complicated. I'm slowly learning that.

    This week I finally got around to updating Stained Wood, though I didn't add any new feat…

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