Made by: Troywatts

X-ray Block

Xray block

X-ray Block

This new block, that can let you see under ground structures.

You can craft it by puting glass in a 2x2 grid and you get 16 x-ray blocks.

Download: X-ray blockv2.1


v2.1: Fixed item placement bug.

v2: Added item for X-ray block.

v1: Release.


This block falls up! And it's 100% black.

2012-04-29 12.57.36

Going up?

How to craft: S=sand O=nothing


v2: Fixed a bug.

v1: Release.

Download: anti blockv2

Ultra Sword

2012-04-29 12.53.23

THE ULTRA SWORD!!! Kills 99% of all enimies!

A really powerful sword, full of awsomeness!

You can craft it by filling the 3x3 grid with iron swords.

(The iron swords don't have to be undamged (i think)).


v2: New texture.

v1: Release. Download:ultrasword3v

The 5x5 Crafting Table

its a crafting table 5x5! This thing is a bigger crafting table you craft it like...

iron nothing iron

iron workbench iron

iron iron iron


v1: release

dowload:Crafting Table 5x5v1

The Magic Hoe!

Minecraft mod review magic hoe mod05:21

Minecraft mod review magic hoe mod

This cool hoe can change a block of iron into a block of diamond. BUT: im not gonig to make it overpowerd (well at least not as overpowerd as the ultra sword) so you need 1 gold ingot per use. you craft it by sorrounding a wooden hoe with gold ingots!(P.S. it uses the texture of the golden hoe and it does NOT till dirt)

download:magic hoe v2


v2:fixed bug with "we get it" bug



  • X-ray Block v2.1 has a small bug still though it does not replace a snow block or tall grass and some other stuff that should be replaced when placed. NOT planning to fix this.

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