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Created by Alvoria

Information, Recipes, and Pictures

This is a pretty basic mod made with CubeX2's Custom Stuff. It adds colored wood items to the game in order to make your Minecraft worlds more colorful and fun. Gone are the days of drab wood and stone dwellings, or having to use flimsy dyed wool for all of your color needs. With Stained Wood, you can have beautiful, aesthetically pleasing buildings made from common ingredients you probably already have too many of anyway. Let's take a look...


The basis of most of these items are stained planks. They're simple to make. Just put the dye of your choice on the crafting grid with a standard Wooden Plank to make a Stained Wooden Plank of that color. One Wooden Plank and one dye generally make one Stained Wooden Plank of that color.StainedTables

Now that you have stained planks, you're probably wondering 'what about a cool crafting bench'? Well you're in luck because making one is a cinch! You can either craft a bench out of four stained planks of the same color or, if you want to conserve dye, just dye an existing crafting bench. Now you have a beautiful and awesome place to craft some of the other colorful amenities that this set offers!


You craft stained stairs the same way you craft regular ones. All of the stained planks have to be the same color of course. The great thing is that you get six stairs rather than the conventional four. Why? Because I think that for the amount of material invested, four is too few. Unfortunately I can't change the default. And as an added bonus, ordinary wooden stairs now produce six units from crafting as well. The magic of color! ^_^

You can also put dye on the crafting table with normal stairs to get a single stained stair block. Useful for when you need just one more and have more dye than wood laying around in your treasure chest.


Tired of boring, drab wooden slabs? Staining wooden slabs doesn't just change their color, it also smooths the wood giving them a more elegant appearance. You can create hard wood flooring that doesn't have obvious nails and wood grain waiting to hurt your feet. You can also use them as siding to add flair to your home. With beautiful finished wood at your disposal, the wood-based possibilities are endless!

As with stained stairs, building Finished Wood Slabs from Stained Wooden Planks produces SIX slabs. The miracles of doing things in color! (Also, my personal preference for material efficiency)


Ever get tired of how everyone's front door looks exactly the same? Ever wanted to make a great hotel with a welcoming blue door? Well I did, and now both I and everyone else can too! Crafting doors out of identical stained planks makes lovely colored doors so that every entrance is both pleasing to the eye and immediately identifiable. They can be crafted in the same way that ordinary doors can, or by placing dye above an ordinary wooden door.


Why should horizontal movement get all the fun? Trapdoors are made of wood too, so why not dye them? Colorful ways to decorate your dwelling abound when you have these colorful contraptions. They're crafted like any other trapdoor (except with more color), or by staining an existing wooden trapdoor with a little bit of dye!

Finally, here's a secret:


With Stained Wood installed you can also craft doors, trapdoors, crafting tables, buttons, and pressure plates out of pine, birch, and jungle wood and have those items appear in their respective colors! This makes decorating your home, or keeping a theme, much easier and more visually interesting. Best of all, you can stain these unstained wooden blocks the same way you would the oak versions you're so familiar with. The decorating possibilities are practically endless! :D

This Project uses Block IDs 1001 - 1097 by default.
These values can be changed by editing the generated config file.


  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge and Custom Stuff 2.
  • Run Minecraft once, and then close it.
  • Download the .zip file from the link below and save it to "/.minecraft/config/CustomStuff/mods/"
  • Run Minecraft and you're done.
  • Note: If you're running into texture issues - For versions prior to 3.4, you'll need to extract the .zip file's contents into a folder named "StainedWood" in the same folder the .zip would have gone in. For versions 3.4 and higher, just rename the .zip file to "".


CC-BY-NC-SA The Files linked to below, including all code and images contained therein, are licensed to all downloaders under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License with the two following additions and waivers:

Attribution: When attributing the files, please include the URL of this page ( as part of the attribution. When using this as part of a video series, please provide the attribution in the first video in which the files are used, and in every additional video in which the mod is discussed at length.

Noncommercial Waiver: I, Alvoria, the author and artist of these files, grant any user the right to use these files as part of any Minecraft-related video including those which are created for commercial purposes.


This version will work for all Newer versions of Custom Stuff Unless otherwise noted

Thanks and Credits

Thanks to Mortazel who helped me out a lot when I first got started with Custom Stuff, and without whom this project would not be possible.

Thanks also to Moeren both for making this Wiki and for helping me during the recent transition to the new Custom Stuff scripting system.

Thanks to Flamarow for his continuous help and support of my projects and this wiki.

Extra Special thanks to CubeX2 not only for making Custom Stuff, but also for helping me out when I got stuck with the crafting tables. You're awesome CubeX2! Thank you.

Planned Features

  • Stained, pine, birch, and jungle wood chests
  • Stained, pine, birch, and jungle wood boats
  • Stained, pine, birch, and jungle fences
  • Stained, pine, birch, and jungle fence gates

Change Log & Older Versions

  • StainedWood {V.4.0} {MC1.6.2} {CS2 0.10.5}.rar - 123 KB - Minecraft 1.6.2 and Custom Stuff2 0.10.5
    • Updated to CS2 v.0.10.5 and Minecraft 1.6.2
  • StainedWood {V.3.4} {MC1.5.2} {CS2 0.10.0}.rar - 81 KB - Minecraft 1.5.1 and Custom Stuff2 0.10.0
    • Updated to CS2 v.0.9.12 and Minecraft 1.5.1
    • Fixed texture-related issues. If you're having problems, rename the .zip file to "" without the version information.
  • StainedWood {V.3.3} {MC1.5.1} {CS2_0.9.12}.zip - 115 KB - Minecraft 1.5.1 and Custom Stuff 2 v.0.9.12
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1 and Custom Stuff2 0.9.12
  • StainedWood {V.3.2} {MC1.4.5} {CS2_0.9.5}.zip - 113 KB - Minecraft 1.4.5 and Custom Stuff 2 v.0.9.5
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5 and Custom Stuff2 0.9.5c
    • Fixed some recipes not functioning properly
    • Fixed some ore dictionary compatibility
    • Added wooden buttons for birch, pine, and jungle wood colors.
  • StainedWood {V.3.1} {MC1.3.2} {CS2_0.9.4}.zip - 112 KB - Minecraft 1.3.2 and Custom Stuff 2 v.0.9.4
    • Fixed wooden slabs not dropping properly when broken.
  • StainedWood {V.3.0} {MC1.3.2} {CS2_0.9.4}.zip - 112 KB - Minecraft 1.3.2 and Custom Stuff 2 v.0.9.4
    • Updated files to Custom Stuff 2 v.0.9.4
    • Added stained trapdoors
    • Added birch, pine, and jungle versions of doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, and crafting tables.
    • Removed the cocoa beans creating stacks of items when surrounded by that item.
    • Added Forge Ore Dictionary compatibility for wooden stairs, slabs, and all dye colors.
Older Versions for Custom Stuff 1.

  • StainedWood {V.2.0} {MC1.2.5} {CS2.3.10}.rar - 76 KB - Minecraft 1.2.5 and Custom Stuff 2.3.10
    • Updated files to Custom Stuff 2.3.10
    • Moved all Block IDs from the 219 - 255 range to the 1001 - 1037 range.
    • Moved all Item IDs from the 655 - 670 range to the 10339 - 10354 range.
  • StainedWood {V.1.8} {MC1.2.5} {CS2.3.4}.rar - 76 KB - Minecraft 1.2.5 and Custom Stuff 2.3.4
    • Updated files to Custom Stuff 2.3.4
    • Updated finished wood slabs to work with the 'upside down' slabs system.
    • Moved slabs to Block IDs 219 & 220. Moved Crafting Tables to Block ID 255.
  • StainedWood {V.1.6} {MC1.1.0} {CS2.2.2}.rar - 75 KB - Minecraft 1.1.0 and Custom Stuff 2.2.2
    • Updated files to Custom Stuff 2.2.2
    • Fixed bug with the number of doors produced by crafting.
    • Changed the default crafting recipe for wooden slabs and stairs to produce SIX per crafting rather than the default amount.
  • StainedWood {V.1.5} {MC1.1.0} {CS2.2.0}.rar - 75 KB - Minecraft 1.1.0 and Custom Stuff 2.2.0
    • Updated files to Custom Stuff 2.2.0
    • Added Stained Crafting Benches using the new GUI functionality.
  • StainedWood {V.1.2} {MC1.1.0} {CS2.1.3}.rar - 74 KB
    • Updated files to Minecraft 1.1.0 and CustomStuff 2.1.3
    • Fixed issue with bottom slab textures not displaying properly
    • Added license information to the .rar file
  • StainedWood {V.1.1} {MC1.0.0} {CS2.0.3}.rar - 72 KB
    • Updated files to Minecraft 1.0.0 and CustomStuff 2.0.3
    • Added stacking brown doors
  • StainedWood {V.1.0} {MC1.8.1} {CS1.8.1} - 73 KB
    • Initial Public Release for Minecraft 1.8.1 and Custom Stuff 1.8.1
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