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Rakes Mod

Video by electroduk

Do you need many pumpkin and melon seeds, but don't want to have to explore abandoned mines? Need cocoa beans, bones, charcoal? An area clear of grass? This is the mod for you. You can get seeds from grass and tall grass. Bones, cocoa beans and charcoal from dirt.


  • Wooden rake
  • Stone rake
  • Iron rake
  • Gold rake. Rakes 3x3 area every click.
  • Diamond rake
  • Obsidian rake. Extremely durable but only as good at finding drops as Stone.


  • Obsidian rake
  • Diamond rake
  • Gold rake
  • Iron rake
  • Stone rake
  • Wooden rake


  • Iron rake
  • Bone with stone rake
  • Rakes preview


1.2.0 for Custom Stuff 2.2.0 and Minecraft 1.1.0: DOWNLOAD


  • Rakes chance:
    • Wooden - 10%
    • Stone - 16%
    • Iron - 20%
    • Gold - 50%
    • Diamond - 33%
    • Obsidian - 16%
  • Seed chance multiplication (long grass has 2x chance than normal):
    • seeds: 100%
    • pumpkin seeds: 33%
    • melon seeds: 33%
  • Items from dirt multiplication
    • Bone: 16%
    • Cocoa beans: 10%
    • Charcoal: 7%
  • Nether wart chance used on soul sand: 25%
  • All rakes become damaged like other tools. Obsidian rake has 2450 uses.
  • Rakes used on grass damage tool twice as much.

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