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Here is a list of the progress of Customstuff 2:

  • Implemented a mod based system
  • Implemented reading mod from zip (no texture files)
  • Implemented an eventhandler: Register script files with an event
  • Implemented aliases for IDs (+ metadata)
  • Implemented recipe functions: addRecipe, removeRecipe, addShapelessRecipe, removeShapelessRecipe
  • Implemented smelting recipe function: addSmeltingRecipe
  • Implemented fuel function: addFuel
  • Implemented functions for mod object: addSpawn, removeSpawn, removeBiome, removeAllBiomesExcept, addToOreDictionary, addGrassPlant, addGrassSeed, addDungeonMob, removeDungeonMob, addDungeonLoot, removeDungeonLoot
  • Implemented config files (the ones you know from other forge mods) for your custom stuff mod with functions: addBlockIdProperty, addBooleanProperty, addIntProperty, addProperty, getBoolean, getInt, getBlockId, getString
  • Implemented two events: onTakenFromCrafting (registerCraftingHandler), onItemPickup (registerPickupHandler)
  • Implemented texture reading from mod directory / zip archive
  • Implemented functions for world, entity, item (the thing that is in the world), living and player (I won't sum them up here, they are too many)
  • Implemented loadScript and addItem function for mod object
  • Implemented normal type item
    • Implemented 13 event triggers
    • Implemented id, textureindex, maxstack, maxdamage, harvestlevel, efficiency, repairable, name, texturefile, toolclass, effectiveblocks, harvestblocks attribute
    • Implemented enchantability, maxusingduration, usingaction, containeritem, full3d, containeritemremainsincraftinggrid (really long; make a suggestion what name I could use ;)), addtocreative attribute
    • Set toolclass to 'noharvest' will make the item not able to break any block
    • Implemented oneaten event trigger
  • Implemented addPotionEffect function for player
  • Implemented colorSheep, growSheepWool function for living
  • Implemented shear function for entity and world
  • Implemented ItemFood, which is also for drinks
    • Implemented hunger, saturation, alwaysedible, potion, potionduration, potionamplifier attribute
  • Implemented ItemArmor
    • Implemented armorname, armortype attribute
    • Implemented armormaterial, waterproof, fireproof, fallproof attribute
  • Implemented bonemealHandler, destroyItemHandler
  • Implemented Block
    • Implemented 11 event triggers
    • Implemented id, opacity, resistance, name, displayname, texturefile, stepsound, material, textureindex, textureindextop, textureindexeast, textureindexwest, textureindexnorth, textureindexsouth, light, hardness, addtocreative attribute
  • Implemented displayname attribute for Items
  • Implemented flammability, firespreadspeed, iddropped, quantitydropped, damagedropped, hascollision, isburning, isfiresource, tickrate attribute for blocks
  • Implemented BlockFence
  • Implemented BlockLadder
  • Implemented BlockFenceGate
  • Implemented BlockTrapDoor
  • Implemented BlockStairs
  • Implemented BlockTorch
  • Implemented BlockSlab
  • Implemented BlockPressurePlate
  • Implemented BlockSapling
    • Attributes: woodid, woodmetadata, leavesid, leavesmetadata, lighttogrow, lighttostay, treeheight, treetype
  • Implemented BlockButton
  • Implemented BlockDoor
  • Implemented ItemDoor
  • Implemented TileEntity
    • Attribute: name
    • Attributes in block: hastileentity, tileentity
    • Functions in world: setTileEntityIntData, setTileEntityStringData, getTileEntityIntData, getTileEntityStringData
  • Implemented blockattributes: cansilkharvest, fortunemodifier
  • Implemented canplaceonfloor, canplaceonwall, canplaceonceiling for BlockTorch
  • Implemented world.countEntities
  • Implemented TileEntityFurnace and GuiFurnace
  • Implemented BlockChest, TileEntityChest, TileEntityChestBlock and GuiChest
  • Implemented BlockGravity
  • Implemented GuiCrafting
  • Implemented crafting recipe lists per name (the usedRecipes thing form cs1)
  • Implemented OreDictionaryRecipes
  • Implemented smelting recipe lists and fuel lists per name

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