WIP, short for Work In Progress, are pages that are still being worked on. Usually this is because of information that is presently unavailable and being deduced by the editors or the community. You can help these projects by answering the questions of the creators or volenteering any other skills you have. It will be up to the project's author to accept or decline any help offered, of course.

When a project is completed, a download link should be added to the project's page and the page itself should be moved to the Released Projects Category so that other people can easily find, download, and enjoy it.

Projects that stay in the WIP Project category for long periods of time without being updated or moved to Released Projects may be deleted by the Administrators during housekeeping sessions. As a courtesy, if the author has an account on this wiki, they will always be notified via their Talk page about the deletion prior to it taking place. The page will also be branded with a Candidate for Deletion notice, as per standard Wikia policy.

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