This is a category where users can add their user talkbox templates. Templates should be added under the user's namespace (with the exception of Template:Talkbox which all of the others reference by default). You can use this page to see what other users have done and try to emulate their work if you want your own talkbox.

You can find some basic information about creating your own talkbox in the Template:Talkbox entry itself. I also recommend this Excellent Tutorial by JFHavoc over at The Keyhole. Note that where it shows "TalkTextTest2" and "User:Xiggie/TalkTemplate", you'll want to put "Talkbox" instead since it's a different wiki with a slightly different setup.

Important! Use talkboxes sparingly. Most of the time you should be using a page's own talk page rather than litering entries with talk boxes. Generally, you should only use talkboxes where prompted to or when leaving messages that you plan to later remove ("I'm editing this entry but I'm taking a break. BRB.")

Alvoria Talk - Blog — "Overcome your madness...
"...and start your life anew." — 00:16, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
Remember, talk boxes are a privilage not a right. Don't abuse them and I won't have to make up a bunch of crazy rules about their use.

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