• Jonny AB

    I'm not dead!

    October 23, 2013 by Jonny AB

    It's true!

    I've just been busy the past long has it been?

    In any sense, I'm back, and continuing my work on JAB Adds. Almost have an alpha release ready, just need to know a few things.

    I'm not sure about including these blocks in the full release. Opinions?

    • The Compressor - Essentially a crafting table for condensing down items into their storage-block forms. Including this block means also removing the ability to craft 9 Coal/Iron/Diamonds into a Coal/Iron/Diamond block. This cooperate well with the fact that the Mallet is necessary to uncraft these blocks.
    • The Crucible - A custom furnace that allows the user to recycle their metals by smelting down items/blocks like rails, buckets, minecart, etc.. If included, the current smelting recip…
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  • Ryo Pasternak

    Light Meter

    July 12, 2013 by Ryo Pasternak

    Spent about week learning this "Custom Stuff", and it was painfull mainly because of missed documentation and incompatibilities between versions of CS and Minecrfat itself... T_T But I loved this JavaScript genius way of Minecraft modding. ^_^ I planned to release some of my experiments, one of them already added to wiki "LightLevel" as example for GetBlockLightLevel function.

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  • Darth Jam

    FTB vs Vanilla

    May 25, 2013 by Darth Jam

    I'm not much of a talker but I am an achievement ho somewhat so here goes... lol

    I think vanilla MC is OK, but I like to have a reason to play a game other than to randomly collect hundreds of random Items and survive or pimp my house, etc. I think that FTB does that a bit better than vanilla MC. Granted there is still no real point to FTB unless you're playing the Pyramid maps or what not (very fun BTW, but only MC 1.2.5) but at least there is something to do with all the stuff you gather. On top of that, it makes a lot of otherwise mundane or boring things useful, such as lapis and the other random junk you get.

    I also enjoy getting all the machines and other equipment running. I like to have factories running and making all my stuff for m…

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  • MrTheBull

    Waiting CS2 for 1.4.2

    November 5, 2012 by MrTheBull

    Waiting for updates, I had to change the articles of my mods. Now it's not just scattered across the screen image = D

    I used the design as Alvoria. Thanks, bro! :3 I working on great RPG mod for minecraft and when CS2 will be available on 1.4.2 i'll start to distribute this mod.

    and as always, sorry for my bad English))

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  • Diabarha

    Awaked... Continue...

    September 28, 2012 by Diabarha

    K, I'm free now.

    Now it's only to restore custom stuff from backups (Autoupdate :/ ) and I can continue the work. It almost nosthing left to do.

    For these who cares, why that delay was: my album (playlist)


    PS. Minecraft 1.3.1+ is a sh*t.

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  • Alvoria

    OK, so, at this point I've spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to get Custom Stuff 2 to sit down, shut up, and just make me some gosh darn blocks.

    The results are... improving.

    Yea, as I thought I'm having quite a lot of problems with this one. It's just dissimilar enough to CS1 to really throw me for a loop. The main thing that was giving me problem was the new mod.js thing. Unlike in CS1, you really have to think about how you've adding stuff in CS2.

    My problem for the last two weeks was that when I add things, I always add them one at a time and keep everything together. CS2 doesn't like this since, if a block references a block that doesn't have an ID yet (because I added it lower on the list) the mod just coughs up an erro…

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  • Thewizardguy

    Hello World

    September 15, 2012 by Thewizardguy

    Hello, I am a new guy!

    I'm a young and eager game designer in the Beta phase. I build video games, write stories, and I work on game design with board/card/whatever games. As I have taken a liking to the Customstuff mod I will try to post helpful stuff on this wiki every now and then, and update my user blog with anything cool that happens. While I try to stay on subject, I have a wandering mind and may post about things that have nothing to do with anything any normal person will ever be intrested in. So I'll just go ahead and assume that anyone who is devoted enough a gamer to read this stuff is outside of the average, and get on with it.

    Thanks in advance for dealing with my annoying little quirks, sorry in advance to the people I am goin…

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  • Alvoria

    WotW 35 - I Missed a Week.

    September 10, 2012 by Alvoria

    Yea, this blog is still updating. :p

    So I haven't been updating the wiki a lot recently. Maybe you've noticed. The main reason is that I want to give other people the opportunity to step up and show some initiative in updating. So far it hasn't gone too well. Nothing much is getting done, so I'm probably going to end up being the one the do the bulk of the updating. How sad. :(

    I admit, I haven't worked with the new Custom Stuff much. Stained Wood isn't even updated yet. I intended to make this the week I was really going to hunker down and update... but my brother's birthday was this week and I had to help someone with their computer and about the time I had a moment to myself I was just like "Screw it, I'm just going to play Minecraft for …

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  • Alvoria

    So remember a few weeks ago when I talked about taking it easy and hoped I wouldn't get lazy... guess what. :-(

    Yea, I've been really bad this week. I've played a lot of Minecraft, but I've barely touched any of my projects. I haven't worked on my texture pack, I have barely even toughed Custom Stuff 2 despite how excited I was about it. I think I'm falling into depression again. Not good.

    The problem with me and CS2 right now isn't hat it's being difficult. I think I've figured out most of the basics. The problem is that I can't really update either of my files sets, much less start a new one, because of things that are presently missing from CS2. Just little things like not being able to put empty spaces in recipes are a HUGE problem and rea…

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  • Alvoria

    So let's talk about what everyone is thinking about: Custom Stuff 2.

    I downloaded it.

    I looked at the example.

    ... 0_0

    And then my head exploded because I have no idea what I was looking at. X_X

    OK, it wasn't really that bad. Thankfully, it's still not full-on programming. That said, it's still a couple of steps up in difficulty from the last version of CS1. I'm don't really understand it, but from what I can tell there's a master file which adds everything to the game referencing the individual files that are found within the folders... all of which are in a .zip together.

    This is the kind of situation I was afraid of when CubeX2 announced the new format: I was afraid that it would get to the point where it was difficult for a normal person to …

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  • Alvoria

    "Get your life together". Curious phrase, no? I've heard it in a tousand moves and TV shows. It's always uttered when someone is in a state of mental dissarray because of whatever circumstances they're in. When their life has "fallen apart" so to speak.

    I've always found it a bit odd to say it that way though. It's not like their life isn't together... it's just a bit messy. I see a cluttered life like I see a cluttered bedroom. Put away the toys, straiten up the shelves, put the dirty shirts in the hampter, and maybe spray some febreeze on the chair. Same thing with a life... but each of the steps is a little more complicated. I'm slowly learning that.

    This week I finally got around to updating Stained Wood, though I didn't add any new feat…

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  • Diabarha

    Longer waiting time

    August 8, 2012 by Diabarha

    Excuse me in advance.

    Temporary, You'll need to wait for my mod, I have a delay with other things. :/ Not my fault at all, anyway.

    I don't wanna make U bored, so this is a short note.



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  • Diabarha

    Almost finished...

    August 6, 2012 by Diabarha

    City Stuff is almost ready, but it needs a testing now, optionally I'll add something else.

    Today (late a bit, my GMT has 11PM :D) I'll write about an... Organic multiplication!

    It's like clonning:

    - You have to craft a test tube first.

    Components: 2xGlass
    Crafting: 2(height)x1(width) Glass. Result is 8x Test Tube (Empty).

    - then U need an Organic Liquid.

    Components: 1xTest Tube (Empty), 1xOrganic Mattery (It can be crafted from one ore found in Nether).
    It's a shapeless recipe.

    - now ANY organic items (even from Vanilla game) can be reproduced with 1 item and 1 Organic Liquid at a shapeless recipe. Result is 2 items.

    It works for blocks also, but it's other a little. For example: 1xDirt and 1xOrganic Liquid gives 1xGrass (block). It's useful for terraforming a…

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  • Alvoria

    So much to do. So many projects. Don't know which one to do first. It's enough to make a psycho want to...

    just take it easy and do nothing for a change. ^_^

    Some days, when I'm feeling introspective, I think about how I'm in many ways a product of the era in which I live. Today everyone's constantly on the go, always doing things. You hear people constantly complain about how they never have enough time to do this or that... and I'm among the worst offenders. I'm always busy. Always on the go. Always working on something for one reason or another. Go go go! It's enough to drive a man insane... were I not that way already.

    In ages past, people were not like this so much. Families sat down and had dinner together. Men sat in their studies and …

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  • Diabarha

    Troubles solved!

    August 5, 2012 by Diabarha

    It just my crafting recipes file was corrupted.

    It's embarassing :/

    Okay, the works at City Stuff mod were resumed.

    I did the Nether Ores, like Thorium Ore or... You'll find out :)

    BTW, I updated MC Forge to From this time I'll do the City Stuff at this version.

    Some more info soon.


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  • Diabarha

    Some... troubles.

    August 4, 2012 by Diabarha

    I wasn't yesterday in home, sorry for no new post then.

    I have some troubles with Custom Stuff: smelting recipes and fuel doesn't work. Anybody had that glitch too? Just when I put custom ore in Vanilla furnace, it don't smelting, even if fuel is from Vanilla too. Or, when I put Custom fuel instead of normal, it don't work. My custom smelting recipes and fuel were wrote correctly, because glitch happened between 2/3 Aug. Vanilla's sm. recipes are working as well, like normal fuel. I'm confused a bit O.o

    I decided to update Minecraft to 1.3.1. and wait for Custom Stuff 2 on this version, maybe it'll solve the problem.

    Works on The City Stuff Mod has been temporary halted.

    If anybody can help, please responce as comment.


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  • Diabarha

    Tritium Steel

    August 2, 2012 by Diabarha

    I've done Tritium Steel in my mod ;)

    It's named Solid Steel in game, it's very cheap and much durable also. Only 6 times lighter than Obsidian!

    It can be made with an easy way:

    Components: 1xC - Coal, 1xT - T2O Ice (ID 514, item), 1xIO - Iron Ore. (working also for Charcoal)
    It's a shapeless recipe.

    Then, Half Tritium Steel has been crafted. Now it's only for smelting, and here we have - a Solid Steel.

    1 block of this steel can be crafted into 4 Solid Steel Ingot, and vice versa - 4xSSI -> 1xSS.

    For now, there are only tools which can be crafted from SSI. Just put this steel ingot instead of Iron, Diamond etc.. I'm working on Solid Steel Panoply.

    New tools are about 2x more durable than Diamond Set, and much faster. It's enough, when You click once time on Netherrack w…

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  • Diabarha

    More about

    August 1, 2012 by Diabarha

    And this is it, I still keep working.

    My mod has got a temporary name, the City Stuff.

    I'm planning the Nether Ores... it's a REAL shame, that we cannot modify Ender...

    But I'm trying to found End Stone more useful :D

    New info:

    - Working at Concrete Furnace, but don't expect it;

    - Asphalt: it's very fast way to travel,

    - Tritium Ice Ore: can be found between y5 and y20, it drops 3-7 T2O Ice, which can be used as a fuel,

    - talking about fuel... more info: 1 Oil is enough to smelt 32 items!

    More info... soon ;)


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  • Diabarha

    My Mod

    July 31, 2012 by Diabarha

    I'm preparing new mod based on Custom Stuff [2.3.10]. For now it's untitled, but expect many new modern blocks.

    Some examples:

    - Concrete (block),

    - Clear Glass (block),

    - Cement (item, used to create Concrete),

    - Oil (item, used as a fuel);

    More info soon.


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  • Alvoria

    According to the wiki, I've been making edits every day for over two-hundred days now. That's... ridiculous! I can't believe that I've kept my goal of contributing to this wiki every day for over two-hundred days. Of all the goals I've set for myself in the past year, this is so far the only one I've kept.

    I'm... not sure whether to be proud of that or not.

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  • Tomayopan

    Cacti mod

    July 23, 2012 by Tomayopan


    I Maybe Recreate The Mod When CustomStuff2 Gets Out For 1.6.2...

    only Maybe!

    Other Projects?:



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  • Alvoria

    What's coming? What's happening? Tell us PsychoSupreme! We need answers! 0_0

    ... is what probably none of you are saying. ;-)

    Last week on Thursday I decided that I was sick of nearly getting heat stroke every day at work. Well... I had actually decided that a while before hand, but I was waiting for the bonus the management promised us before I did anything about it. A couple hundred dollars in the bank, I did some paperwork to do something I should have done years ago:

    I'm going part time! ^_^

    ^ crickets ^

    OK, fine. It may not seem like a huge deal, but it is for me. My income will be lower, but I'll also be much healthier, have a much lower chance of sudden heat-related death, and have way more free time. As far as I'm concerned, these are go…

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  • Alvoria

    Last week I made mention in the comments that I would talk about my upcoming projects and go into detail about each one, so here we go. ^_^

    This one... I'm really going to have to wait and see on. Hopefully I'll have enough material once CS2 comes out to do this one up proper and if not... well...

    The mod itself adds ten new ores to the game based on the Tibetan birthstones. Why this list? Because I found it to be the most varied and interesting of the birthstone lists I found.

    It was originally going to be eleven gems introduced, but Emeralds got made into core. Each one can be made into the five standard tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, sword, and hoe) and the four varieties of armor. I may also create jewelry that can be worn as well, but that…

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  • Alvoria

    WotW 26 - Oh FINALLY!

    July 9, 2012 by Alvoria

    Yea, it took me long enough didn't it? But I finally did it. I posted Splendid Stones on the wiki, making me the first person on the wiki to have TWO published projects. You can't see it, but I'm doing a happy dance right now. :-D

    So what else did I do this weekend? Well, I worked on my Texture pack. It's nearing the point where I'm comfortable publishing it. It's still going to take a while, though. It'll be moved along in just a few weeks though. A month at most. Really looking forward to that. * extra-wide grin *

    New snapshot this week. Let's see... what changed? Stackable signs? YES! And... aside of a ton of bug fixes, that's pretty much it. Good snapshot. Next topic.

    I'm having an internal debate about which Custom Stuff project to work o…

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  • Alvoria

    I've mentioned in this blog before that the only game that I love more than Minecraft is Pokémon. It's one of the few parts of my childhood that has not been sullied. Sure the newere generations have things that annoy me, but the same can be said of every generation including the first.

    This weekend I purchased Pokémon Conquest. It's a battlefield-style RPG. In many ways it reminds me of a watered-down version of Final Fantasy Tactics, another game I enjoyed greatly.

    When I saw watered down, I mean it. In Conquest, Pokémon have one and only one move a piece which makes them use-limited. Their trainers ("warriors") also have a move, but it's a one-per-battle affair. This makes positioning and attacking the mainstay of everything.

    There's also a l…

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  • Alvoria

    Thanks to Flamarow for the title. ;-)

    So as you might have noticed Splendid Stones still isn't up. I haven't felt like writing anything, even though the images are ready to roll out. The reason is due to my job. My hand hurt so bad that I can barely play Minecraft much less do any extensive typing. If it weren't for Control Pack I don't think I'd be able to. For those not aware, Control Pack has options to toggle some of the more 'press-and-hold' intensive tasks in Minecraft like mining and running.

    I watched a video on YouTube about how Minecraft agrees with quantum physics. Anything not being observed is just potential, and reacts differently without a conscious observer. "If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?" Quantum physics …

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  • Alvoria


    Not a single reply to last week?


    I think I put too much effort into these blog posts sometimes.


    So Custom Stuff updated this week to accomidate the new version of Forge. Not having time to actually play I haven't been able to do any testing which admitedly kinda sucks. The new version no longer requires Modloader, which I think is a step in the right direction. Anything that moves more towards a single-api environment is a good thing IMO. :-)

    All of the pics for Splendid Stones have been finished, but I haven't gotten around to doing the writeup for the mod yet. I doubt anyone is clamoring to download it, so I'm not going to worry too much. ;-)

    I've really been focusing on my texturing this weekend. I finished Minecarts …

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  • Alvoria

    I promised to be more optimistic and to talk about Minecraft-related stuff this week, so let's talk about all of the stuff that's been added in the Snapshots.

    I really dig the new dispenser upgrades. The ability to auto-place carts and boats is something that I've wanted for a long time. I know a few people have said that this is kinda useless, but I disagree. How often have we built rail stations in Minecraft only to have a big chest in the center with a sign marked "CARTS" for everyone on the server to use. Now we can just have dispensers by each outgoing track and place the cart with the push of a button.

    The water and lava pump function are also great... though not as good as they could be. I like that you can use dispensers to place and…

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  • Alvoria

    Life is weird sometimes.

    I spent all week dreaming of the weekend when I'd have free time. I thought of all the things I wanted to get done, all the projects I've wanted to work on for so long. I had it all planned out in my mind what I wanted to accomplish and when. And then when I finally got to that wonderful weekend...

    I didn't feel like doing squat. :-(

    Maybe it's just that I'm lazy or something, but I always feel uninspired when the weekends roll around these days. I think it's psychological. I know that next week I'm going to have to work an extra day at my paying job, so there's no point spending that energy now. I have to run a marathon in the near future, so I'm inclined to rest. The problem is, that's ALWAYS the case, so I rarely a…

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  • Alvoria

    I'm going to keep this relatively short since it's already days late and I'm tired.

    The main thing is that I finished what I'm planning to be the release version of Splendid Stones. Finally. I just need to get the page images together and I can post it. Finally.

    Special thanks to Gwydion for egging me on and using my files on his server to help me in testing.

    OK, that was it. I'm going to play Minecraft, watch TV, and go to bed now. Bye.

    ~ PsychoSupreme 07:33, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Alvoria

    If you've been paying attention to these blog posts you probably know that I consider myself an artist. I'm working on a texture pack and everything. Check HERE for my preview thread if you haven't seen it. Comment and vote on the poll as well since I need all the feedback I can get.

    OK, that went off into a self-advertising tangent.

    The point is that I'm an artsy type of person more than a programmer. As such, I take great pride in having good-looking textures for my Custom Stuff, even if they're just adaptations of the vanilla textures. On the other hand, did you know I made two versions of every texture I do for Custom Stuff? It's true. One version ships with the files, and the other version is for the texture pack pimped linked-to above.


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  • Alvoria

    So nothing major this week. I've been doing bits and bobs as I see fit, but I just don't have the energy. Had to work an extra day at my paying job this week, so I haven't had much time to do anything other than poke around in the various worlds I play with. Not much to do with Custom Stuff, although I'm slowly working on getting Splendid Stones released. Extra special thanks to the people who have helped test that, one of whom found an oversight earlier today and suggested another feature. I doubt I'll add it before the official release, but it's nice to know that he was thinking the same thing I was.

    Yea, all that was kinda vague, huh? Sorry, very tired.

    The only thing I've really managed to get done all week was working on my texture pack…

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  • Alvoria

    Continuing right on from last week, I have nothing going because I don't feel like doing anything.

    Frankly, the stress of my life is getting to me. My work place has come up with an amazing solution to the lack of raw materials for us to work with: do more overtime. Yea, we can't get supplies to work with so we have to put in extra hours to make up for the fact that we can't do very much. This totally makes sense!

    And if there's a surviving sarcasm meter left on earth it was probably hidden in a bunker miles below the earth's surface and covered in feet of industrial-grade sarcasm-proof shielding.

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  • Alvoria

    I'm going to try to keep this one short.

    The reason I haven't been doing much around... anywhere... is because of a nifty combination of family problems and job problems. I'm not a happy little psycho, and when I'm not happy I end up not doing things. I want fo finish my texture pack, but I don't feel like doing art. I want to publish my Custom Stuff project, but I don't feel like taking the time.

    I in physical and mental pain and that's all there is to it. So sorry everyone. Nothing fun from me this week.

    On the plus side, Gwydion invited me onto his server, which uses Custom Stuff among other things, so that's been fun. He started a new world today, so there was an epic (and drawn out) diamond hunt. I'm proud to say I found diamonds first, …

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  • Pandatron
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  • Alvoria

    ...With no excuses and NO CONCERN!!!

    KMFDM and GitS. Two of my favorite things in one AMV. Awesome. ^_^

    OK, so, last week I was depressed. This week I'm revitalized. Why? Neck injury!

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  • Alvoria

    ^ sigh ^ :-(

    It's hard to say this, but I feel like I've lost passion for this project. With the latest update we saw new compatibility... and that's pretty much it. A few bugs were fixed, but basically everything I wanted to see fixed has been left undone. This means that, once again, I can neither effectively use nor continue working on my own projects.

    I understand that this is because CubeX2 is hard at work on CS2. I get that. But at the same time it's really disheartening. This coupled with the fact that the help I'm getting on the wiki is little and far between... well... it makes me feel tired. I was hoping to make a solid attempt to get everything finished for CS1 before CS2 came out... but at this point why bother? It's now at the p…

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  • Alvoria

    Yea, you see what I did there. ;-)

    Earlier this week, a new version of Custom Stuff was announced. After some aprehensiveness, I've gotten to the point where I'm looking forward to the new version. Hopefully it'll be everything that everyone wants it to be, and then some.

    In the meantime, we wait. Right now we're still waiting for Forge to update. This seems to take a really long time, and longer each passing itteration of Minecraft. I stopped over on their forums today to see how things were coming. From what I can tell, they seem to be intent on wiping out Modloader MP. One thread said the move to add a multiplayer element to Forge was because MLMP took too long to update. Of course, this is overlooking the fact that MLMP is current with MC…

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  • Alvoria

    WotW12 - Still Waiting

    March 31, 2012 by Alvoria

    "WotW" is "Week on the Wiki", btw. ;-)

    The title pretty much says it all. The new 1.2.5 update was announced today, complete with the snapshot that's promised to be exactly the same as the completed version that will officially launch in a week. Naturally, a lot of modders that haven't updated to the current 1.2.4 version have chosen to just sit back and wait for the next update rather than scrambling to get an update out for a version of Minecraft that'll only be around for a few more short days.

    Among them, naturally, is CubeX2. At this point, not updating Custom Stuff to the current version is a smart thing to do. Jeb has given a week's notice to modders, and since most if not all of Custom Stuff's prerequisites will be updated by the tim…

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  • Alvoria

    So as many of you may have noticed, Minecraft 1.2.4 came out earlier this week. Basically what this means is that we only had a week of having mods all in working order. Well... for me that's not even really true. Custom Colors and Forge never did see eye to eye during this brief cycle. :-(

    The point here is that I once again find myself waiting for Custom Stuff to update. The last version didn't sit well with me as a designer at all. The new system for harvesting blocks using toolclass and harvestlevel was a great idea, but wasn't implemented all the way. This is why Stained Wood wasn't updated, and why I'm dragging my heals on releasing Splendid Stones despite the fact that it's a really simple file set, and basically complete as is.

    If th…

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  • Alvoria

    ... In just one update! ^_^

    So the new version of Custom Stuff was released a few days ago, and of course I've been volenteered to figure out how everything works. Oh joy of joys. :-( Seriously, why do people keep looking to me for this stuff? 0_o

    But yea, I was on vacation this whole last week, which meant a lot of laying around recovering my strength, eating my birthday cake, and slowly working on my Texture Pack. It's now about 75% of the way complete, btw. :-) It's been really nice to just lay back and have a breather without having to worry much about anything in particular. Take it slow, ya know. Smell the roses and listen to the breeze. Boy this has been a nice week for me.

    And now it's back to battle. I'm going to cut this short becau…

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  • Alvoria

    First off, I want to give a shoutout to Flamarow! Both for making an absolutely awesome page about javascript, but also for being the only person who reads these blog posts. ^_^ Awesome job Flamarow! This will really help everyone going forward.

    Now that that's done, let's talk about negative things. My life has been really stressful this last week. Mainly because of work. See, my company has a policy where sick leave is only for if you're sick enough to be absent for three days... and only then if you have a doctor verify that you are so ill that you cannot safely be at work. This means that for the flu that's been going around... well... it's been spreading like wildfire. In a forest. That's been douced with gasoline.

    Funny thing though, t…

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  • Alvoria

    This weekend marks a rare occasion. Something that I seldom do. You want to know what it is? I'll tell you: I'm plaing vanilla Minecraft. Yes, I caved in and downloaded the new 1.2.3 version and have been playing without mods. I love mods, so this is really difficult for me. It's fun and enjoyable too, though.

    The new mob AI sucks. Not because it doesn't work, but because zombies will now willingly fall to their deaths if it means a chance at knocking me into lava. While I was holding a stack of diamonds. Which just happened, and why I'm taking a break to write this blog post.

    In other news, I freaking love jungles. I'm not sure why. They're difficult to navigate, but they're SOOOoooooo beautiful. Once I'm done establishing my spawn base, I'…

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  • Alvoria

    Last week I promised that I would start this blog entry out on a happy note. A lot of new pages have been added to the wiki this week. Things are slowly starting to fill in, which is good.

    In addition, I saw the latest snapshot and am really excited about the upside down stairs for decorating. Again, I think that Jeb really gets it and I'm wonderfully excited to see what all he's going to add to Minecraft.

    Now that that's over I guess I can be dour again. ;-)

    There are two frustrating things that I'm feeling in regards to the wiki. The first is that there are still so few people willing to contribute to the wiki. There are a couple of people on the forums that are complaining rather vocally about how the wiki is no help and that they want a r…

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  • Jack Valladares

    Mod Progress

    February 25, 2012 by Jack Valladares

    My Mod, MoUsefulStuff, is going well, I just added currency!!! Currency currency currently has no use in single player, but in multiplayer, you can use it as a nice currency system. Check out the MoUsefulStuff mod page for more details on the mod

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  • Alvoria

    I'm tired. If it's any indication, it took me a full minute to come up with that title. That's how exhausted I am: I can't even come up with anything snappy at a moment's notice. I feel awful about that.

    Blah, I gotta stop beginning these blogs on a downer. :-(

    This has been a heck of a slow week on the Wiki. I haven't had the time or energy to do much, and it seems like nobody else has either. I've still made my two edits per day (for the most part), but a few of them have just been "add to Category", or "Fix spelling mistake" type things. I've tried to make up for it today by adding a new page and totally restructuring a existing one (adding much needed information), but I still feel bad that so little got added this week.

    Last week I talke…

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  • Alvoria

    So this week really sucked for me for a lot of reasons... but I won't talk about those because that's personal and not all that interesting to anyone but me. Well, there is one relevant bit: I finally had to break my 2/day edit pace. I slept in Tuesday because of the brutality of Monday, so I broke my streak. P_P I picked it up again the next day, so now that the bar has been set I'm going for the record! ^_^

    The wiki was slow this week. The surge of new people making edits seems to have tapered off for the moment as the wiki is coming together quickly. While there are still a lot of pages that need to be added, the basics are there and its pretty easy to find, if not exactly what you're looking for, then something close enough to where you…

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  • Alvoria

    Yes, I made the title rhyme on purpose. :-P

    This week we've seen a huge expansion in the number of editors, and as a result, the number of edits. In particular, Rafradeko and Flamarow have been contributing a LOT of entries to the wiki this week. Really this place is starting to look pretty respectable. :-) Special thanks also to Flamarow for reading my blog post last week so that I actually know that someone reads these thing. ;-)

    I'd also like to mention user Wideload who published his project, Tarmac Road Markings this week. This makes him the second publisher on the Wiki. Well met Wideload!

    The growth of the wiki population has been great because I've been drop-dead exhausted this week. My paying job is killing me. Possibly in a literal s…

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  • Alvoria

    I have no idea if anyone reads these things or not. :-(

    So I've now been working on this thing for three weeks now. I have to say, it's coming along nicely. We're now up to five members. CubeX2 himself has now joined the admin staff. I'm also pleased to welcome Flamarow to the Wiki. He's been a great help in starting pages and laying the groundwork, although I generally edit them quite heavily afterwards.

    This actually brings me to something that I was thinking about as I was editing yesterday. What kind of wiki is this? Well, in my mind, it's basically an instruction manual. The purpose of this wiki is to replace the 'help' files that come with Custom Stuff, yes, but more than that it is to expand upon them. Reading this wiki is supposed to…

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  • Alvoria

    This week has been very hard on me. In my paying job I was back to overtime, so that wasn't fun. There's been drama in my family, which also hasn't been fun. And we had to take the Christmas tree down this week which, in addition to not being fun, was just depressing. :-(

    But that's probably more than you wanted to know about my personal life, so let's talk about the wiki, and why THAT has been hard on me. The stressful awful thing that happened: PLAGIARISM! Yes, apparently despite the fact that this wiki is only a couple of weeks old and has only three members (Welcome to the Wiki Father Toast) we managed to have a competitor. Normally I love competition, but the fellow running the competing wiki was intent on just copying everything that …

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