aolko's mods

Useful stuff


ID Name Image
210 Concrete
2012-08-23 13.40.54
210:1 Four squared concrete
2012-08-23 13.41.23

Concrete is a quite strong block, bur four squared concrete is a bit weaker, looks fancy tho~.


ID Name Image
10000 InstaCola Instacola
10001 Blue tonic Bluetonic

Warning, InstaCola contains cocainum. Side effects are: improved speed and jumping. To make one, you'll need:

1 x water bottle;

1 x cocoa beans (= cofeinum);

1 x sugar (= cocainum);

1 x red dye.

Blue tonic is an instant hunger remover. To make one you'll need:

1 x water bottle;

1 x raw ham;

1 x raw beef.

go get it

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